Thursday, 18 January 2007

An Introduction....

..... is in order.

Welcome, all ye who pass by.

I'm trying to gather together like minds, people who appreciate their slightly twisted side :) Whether you're Singaporean or passing through Singapore, you are most welcome. Drop your names and disguised emails (to thwart spambots, yes?) in the comments section and I'll see what I can do to set up a basic mailing list. Hopefully, soon, we'll be able to get something going.

Alternatively, you may choose to email me directly, email address is on the profile page.

I'll be away for a short holiday so this post will remain sticky until the day I return, thereby giving me a chance to see if there are fellow kinksters out there. It might just be that I'll get no response. *shrugs* We shall see, what we shall see.

In the meantime, happy playing!


LocalKink said...

test! test!

Winston said...

My, My, girl... There's more to you than meets the blog. But that I was in Singapore...

Paul said...

Good luck Fiona !!

LocalKink said...

This has been a long time coming, perhaps :)

It might well be that the lcoal folks can't give a shit. Too apathetic. We shall see, what we shall see! *wry grin*

kommune said...

tsk. not all of us are apathethic. maybe we're just shy? hahahaha.

LocalKink said...

If we're all shy, we'll never get a chance to explore what we most desire.

Step forth - the first step is always the hardest. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a kink ster! Well.. okay..
I hope i'm not the only kinkster;)

Meeting large grps of ppl are usually pretty intimidating.
I'd love to chat with anyone in the lifestyle though..

add me at
on msn or yahoo msger..!

I'm subby guy frm Sg, 26 yrs of age! you can email me to chat too if you prefer!