Friday, 17 August 2007

Not ready


I don't get it, I really don't.

If I give you my number because of Munch arrangements 3 weeks back, so you don't get lost, how does that translate into an SMS today that asks if I am doing something tonight and "can I come? I am bored tonight?" Since when am I here to entertain fuckers who are bored? Especially when said people don't bother to turn up. Don't bother to inform you either. How genuine are you anyways? And how rude to self-invite yourself to other people's lives!

Please note that I don't know who this guy is, I don't know how old he is, if he is legitimately intrested in BDSM or if he is just fucking around and trying to get girls. (Girls. Bah! *rolls eyes* I left girlhood behind a decade ago)

I'm here to help guide people along IN GENERAL. I strongly resent the assumption that just because I have exchanged a few friendly SMSes a month ago, I am your new best friend. That I'm here to personally hold your hand. That I am here to show you, in miniscule baby step by baby step, how to do things.

Fuck that. I am not. Get a fucking backbone!

BDSM requires a great deal of consideration. A greal deal of thought. It is NOT "oh let me tie you up and fuck you". Oh sure, that's always fun. But fuck the wrong way, and you hurt your partner. Tie the wrong way, and you injure flesh. And you come across as a needy, selfish fucker.

If you read this and didn't realise that being polite and considerate COUNTS, then oh gods, please..... you're not ready to leave your mommy's apron strings yet.

Not by a fucking long shot!!

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