Monday, 6 February 2012

Opps, it looks downhill from hereon....

I should have held back from my last post lol

Communication has gone from great to ghastly poor. We've had a bit of an argy-bary tonight and I am wondering what the hell just happened?

Taking a lover is no problem, but even a lover should have friendship as the basis. If we can't even have that....

The irony? Sir's touch causes my fucking treacherous body to react on it's own. Seriously. As in, a Pavlovian response to his touch. Oh gods, I'm fucked. lol.

I'm met him since and he brought this matter up on his own; I was provided a calm and lucid explanation. However, I have long since learned that words are easy to sprout. I shall have to wait and see if his actions reinforce this words, alas.

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