Thursday, 22 February 2007

No munch

I feel a little like a washtout.
All that talk about munches.
And I am not going this evening.

But I'm really
in no shape to face a bunch of strangers. Enforced social chitchat is a tedious ritual that saps me of strength. And considering the emotional rollercoaster I'm on right now, it wouldn't be fair to them, or to me.

March munch might be better. I got a couple of emails from the previous/old group members and they'll prolly show up then.

Gives me a better incentive to attend. *shrugs*


casper said...

wat kind of incentive u want vamp?
lol¬after munch activities? haha
btw i drop u an email. wonder if u recieve it.

casper said...

btw i forget to ask. how are u already vamp? feeling better?

2Vamp said...

incentive is like..... people who actually are interested in doing more than moan about.

like yourself!
we need more people like you! :)

casper said...

hi vamp,
doing more than moan about?
hmmm¬¬did u mean taking part in the activities than just bragging about?
sorry¬i dun really understand ur incentive¬¬lol

Paul said...

Vamp you look delectably munchie. :)

LocalKink said...

Look delectable, do I?
Is that your mental imagery going? ;P