Sunday, 1 April 2007

Friendly faces and closed places

Well. I finally managed to make it for the March Munch.

The irony of it all was the bloody Union Bar was closed. Closed! I got to Club Street, walked around a bit looking for the place, and finally realised it was all borded up. Bah!

I got lucky. I was really really lucky.
As I was walking around, someone hailed me and I turned to see our resident CD Annie. A recognisable face! At last! Fortunately, he'd been in touch with some of the others and he'd received an SMS from MJ about the new venue. Which was equally hard to find :o

What was amusing was.... as we chatted and tried to find the new place, we saw a few couples walking up to #81. These people peered in and we heard mutters of This seems to be the place! I wonder what happened? Where is everyone? I was SO tempted to walk up to each and every one of these couples and ask BDSM group Munch? Join us! :)

So we finally met up at some bar. There was me, Annie, RayDragon and three more new faces. but I confess, one of the new guys, needs a lesson in courtesy, perhaps. I sat down next to him, we introduced ourselves. And then we talked about work. Basic social chitchat, right?


He went on and on about his work. Bloody NuSkin and bloody pyramid schemes. Even when I put on my bored face, turned my body away from him and grunted my replies, he didn't get the hint.
*rolls eyes*
I finally told him point blank.... If you're into sales, you need to learn about body language. Not interested! And THAT was when he finally realised that OK! Not interested! Wow! Had to hit him over the head with a hammer before he realises! Not good! A speciality munch is not the place for a damned sales pitch!

But I digress.
Apart from that one irritating point in the evening, it was nice. We talked a little about BDSM in general, we shared a few jokes, and a new lady felt much better when I turned up. Otherwise she'd have been the only woman present, she quipped.

I hope to get in touch with S over the next few days. This is what munches are all about : a chance to talk to like minded people, get comfortable, dig a little, find out what makes other people tick. An opportunity to see that you're not alone! It was great! Only 5 people gathered in the end, but it was great!

I'd like to try for a second gathering, perhaps in the middle of the month, for those who miss the one at month's end. Would anyone be game?

Let me know :)

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