Sunday, 1 April 2007

I'm with Stupid

Hey, look what I got in my inbox!

Elson Goh to me Mar 30 (2 days ago)

i m Jason 41yrs old love sex n lick pussy hope 2 join u call or sms me 967164XX

Whomever you are, you're an idiot. Submissives are not hookers!


Casper said...

you got me curious.
So that guy that email you is Jason or Elson?
Anyway, just hate the fact that people always link bdsm to sex...haiz
these people are so despo for sex lor.

LocalKink said...

Hi Casper,
I have no idea who this person is. Or even if Elson or Jason is areal name.

But if I find out he's attending one of the minchs, I'm gonna kick him in the balls. I don't want his kind around submissives, Some of the n00bs mightn't know how to deal with his kind.......