Tuesday, 24 April 2007

It Speaks!

I suppose a bit of a self introduction is in order.

I'd consider myself somewhat experienced in the lifestyle though I think it hardly qualifys me to call subs "little one".

I'm mostly local, but allegedly part Japanese, depending on who you speak to in the family. Take myself far less seriously than I should which I suspect sometimes annoys the living daylights out of my esteemed fellow blogger but I like to think that she puts up with me for my dashing good looks and cutting wit.

I've probably been 'into' the lifestyle literally since I can remember but really got into it in my college years. There were loads of pervy people there. And seems like over the years what started out more as a captivation purely with S&M has given way to a penchant for domination and submission. Not to say that I've thrown away my ropes and floggers mind you.

And finally, any introduction would not be complete without a picture of my favourite riding crop which, a friend used to imaginatively nickname "Greenie" and was once unfortunately discovered by a customs official but survived the encounter nonetheless:

Be good y'all.


LocalKink said...

"Esteemed fellow blogger"

Would that be me, then? ;)

Yojimbo said...

Well as Robert DeNiro says, "you talkin' to me? There ain't no one here so you must be talkin' to me".

2Vamp said...

you know, I have a feeling we'll be the *only* 2 people commenting....