Tuesday, 17 April 2007


I love me a good shave.
Nice and baby smooth.
If I were me, I'd be touching me constantly. MMMmmmm.

No wait, scratch that last line.....

What I *will* tell you though, the UNglamourous side of things, is that maintaining a shave is a bitch.


Ez said...

aint it the truth! i shave too and its a bitch! LOL.

any tips beside shaving frequently?

i tot of waxing but cant seem to find a place that does it. well guess its because i'm a guy but what the hell, i aint shy about it :)


LocalKink said...

All I can say is... moisturise moisturise moisturise. Oh, and exfoliate. Both of these things help to prevert ingrown hairs.

Otherwise, you can do what I do. Spend private coochie time with a tweezer. lol.

Ez said...


lol. thanks for the advise. moisturise i will, but any specific type of moisturiser?

tweezers? youch! dont think i can do it no my own lol. hmmmm, maybe will try that with a mistress in my next encounter lol.

just to vent, it seems rather unfair that the waxing is only for gals! wat about the darn guys who need a good smooth one!? sigh .. is it too much to expect this in singapore?!

anyway thanks for the tips! ingrowns suck big time!

take care.

LocalKink said...

Hi Ez,
Any sort of body lotion will do.

I personally use the Vasaline Aloe thingie and it seems to work quite well :)