Saturday, 14 April 2007


Well now. It's come and gone. The Mid Month Munch, as someone called it.

I confess I was totally blown away.
There was a much, much bigger turnout than I'd have ever expected. Pictures of the place itself are up
here, if you want to check Loof out. But that's not what I want to share.

What I wanted to share was my fear of apathy.

Before I disappeared from the "scene", I used to regularly attend the monthly munches. At it's highest, I remember walking in on a bunch of about 30 people at the Alley Bar and being shocked. So many! It had only rather been about 10 - 15. I later discovered that most of them were male submissives (Dommes being the rarest of the rare *wry grin*) but it was heartening. After that though? Downhill all the way.

So when I took the plunge to gather people together, I had a lot of misgivings.

I don't know why people showed up, but I was glad. Actually, the words that come to mind are deliriously happy. Yay! People! Lots of new faces, happy to have met them! Old faces! A joy to be reunited!

We had all sorts turn up.... with the exception of one woman who told my friend that she went everywhere, including the grocery store, in her leathers and corsets.... well, we looked normal enough from the outside. *chuckles* As a matter of fact, one table across from us were all dressed up in fancy dress/club wear/strange clothing, complete with a shocking pink wig. As my chat partner of the moment quipped, We're the normal ones, eh? They're the freaks, yes?

I had a number of interesting conversations that day. From a lady who seemed to be just discovering the depths of her sexuality, to someone who seemed to take it all for fun, to someone with a rather unique fetish.

Although that last one.... I wondered later if that were genuine or if he was just testing people in general.... Nah, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, we're supposed to be
open minded about it, yes? ;)

The point is I really enjoyed the moment. One long string of glorious moments. Each tied to a conversation with someone. To talk to all these people and see so many different viewpoints and perspectives. I am reminded of what I LOVE about my kinks. And I am reminded of what is real and how, frankly, some people can share my love of kink and have still hold diametrically opposite views from myself.

There you go. Sexuality as wide as the sea.

I am a little troubled about some of the submissives, but I think I'll deal with that in another post.


June said...

Interesting site. Was probably the most successful munch I've been to so far. Nice to see you and a lot of people back in action again. Oh and when I said that I've posted on your blog, I didn't mean this one or your vanilla one - meant the alt. one. :P Yeah, you have too many blogs. Same here, actually.

LocalKink said...

Hi June.

Yup, I went back to and replied to whomever posted a comment.

I geuss you've noticed by now I don't post there anymore. *chuckles*